kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas

Still on the issue of the 22-year-old man who killed his family members, Kamene and Jalas still want to know what  could have gone wrong.

The two think probably the issue of parents not being close to their kids may sometimes lead to such heinous acts.

Narrating his side of the story, Jalas revealed that he moved out at a tender age of 16 and thanks to his brother, he was introduced to hustling, and that has kept him moving.

"At 16 we had already moved out because we looked, I thank my big bro Dan who introduced us to the hustle, he was working at capital fish first." Jalang'o said.

He however called upon big brothers and sisters to take that parental role and look after their siblings.

As a big bro or sister what are you doing to keep them in check? Jalang'o asked.

For you (Kamene) you have Natasha and she is lucky she has someone who has been there directing her. As big brothers and sisters take that parental role for you have been there done that.

Take care of your siblings.

Below are some confessions from listeners who revealed that they don't have close relationships with their parents.

Uncle felix: When I left high school my mom said ‘your life is in your hands, go and be what you want to be’ I was 17 and till date I have never gone back. This generation you hear that you can’t discipline your kid and all I can say is let’s go back to basics.

Hot tracks: Mimi I have the perfect example I am the only child and my mom is a single parent. Nimekuwa nikisumbua sana and we haven’t had the perfect relationship.

So I was hustling huko nje na mom hakuwa anajua and someone told me I need to fill her in so she can bless me. It taught me a lot and I am working hard to pull her close to me.