She may look 29 but Janet Mbugua, a mother of two boys just turned 37.

On the 10th of January, Janet celebrated another year here on earth and she is grateful for all she has experienced in her life thus far.

Taking to social media, she thanked her family, friends and fans for the birthday wishes and she added the lessons she is learning as she grows up.


"Womanhood is such a vibe; the older I get, the more I value my successes and failures. In a world that often dictates what you should be doing, how and when, embrace the work in progress that you are and choose to evolve at your own pace. Anticipate the chaos, appreciate your process. Try it 😉." Janet wrote

If you look at the picture above she has used to caption the post birthday message, she is clearly getting her sexy back. And we are here for it all.

As she grows older, she is also embracing being a sister, a mother and a friend to the girl child. Her last posts have all been on how she is dealing with menstrual periods, lessons she has learned and tips she can offer to her fellow women.