Kamene Goro and Jalas
Kamene Goro and Jalas

It was all fireworks on the morning Kiss when Kamene wanted to know whether it is OK for women to date married men.

Contrary to what we all thought, it has now become fashionable for women to date a taken man!

Narrating how her friend found herself entangled with a married an, Kamene said;

My friend walikatiana na this man and she didn't know he is married. They have actually been in a relationship for 5 years. I don't believe in dating married men by principle of when I was married my hubby used to step out of the marriage.

However before things went south, Jalang'o listed down a few reasons why you should never date a married man or woman saying;

Number one; If the relationship is affecting the family you shouldn't go there and number two, don't get involved with a married man and accept your position.

Below are some of the interesting reactions from callers;

One lady said; Hakuna mwanaume wa mwanamke mmoja, hakuna vile unaeza enda kununua nguo akiwa ndethe.

Ian Kiplimo: It is very right to date married men, in fact they have a very accommodative heart.

DW: Wanaume wote ni kama nguo unabadilisha ukiendaga

Joyce Njeri: I am dating a married man and simuachi

George: No it it not right it is committing adultery

MC Tamtam: It is actually true that you can meet the love of your life after you get married.