Kenyans have been up in arms complaining on social media after it was announced that Naomi Campbell is officially the Magical Kenya International Brand Ambassador.

The big question was why couldn't it have been a Kenyan. I mean we have Lupita Nyongo, Eliud Kipchoge and so many other locals who could have easily fit the position.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss Kamene and Jalas are for it 100%.

"We were just chilling out of nowhere the story of Naomi Campbell who has been in the country for a month or so is now the Magical Kenya International Brand Ambassador. She has spent a considerable amount of time with Najib Balala and she is getting the best treatment so she is enjoying herself." Kamene said.

To which Jalas responded with valid facts saying,

"Let me list down why Najib might have considered her. For a very long time, she has been coming to Kenya every single year. She never misses. She calls Kenya her second home and she has been to places in this country that some Kenyans have never been.  Also, she has been able to bring in so many people to a private beach in Malindi where she always goes to. It is the same place where formula one drivers go to."

Kamene added her two cents in agreement with Jalas saying,

"People said why can't it be Lupita or Kipchoge. I looked and said Nomi was the best choice.


People were against the fact that it was a foreigner. We tried to unpack it and thought. Looking at our country, how many have been able to sell Kenya internationally."

Adding more valid reasons, Jalas said Naomi's circle of friends are exactly what we need. They will sell Kenya to the richest people.

"Number one she is doing this probono. I mean even if she was to be paid her list of friends the likes of P Diddy. She will make so much money for Kenya. It could have been Lupita but she is already doing something with the Kenyan tourism industry."

Hopefully, she will help bring Kenya back on the map.