Esma and hubby
Esma and hubby

Diamond Platnumz' sister Esma Khan came clean about allegations she aborted a month ago, when a picture of her lying in a hospital bed was leaked online.

Speaking during an Instagram live, she admitted to terminating her pregnancy with her ex-husband, Mziswa.

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Seems like Mziswa was as surprised as we were after she dropped the news. Manz is now seeking for the Tanzanian government to take action on his wife. Or is it ex wife or separated from wife.


"It not something to be proud of and to also come out and admit it, even our government doesn’t allow such things. There is no reason that can make a human being do such a horrible thing. If the Tanzanian government is really there, then they should take action on her. She never told me but her friends had told me that she was abut to that thing. I leave it to God." He said in an interview with Wasafi Media

Esma Platnumz and Msizwa wedding ceremony
Esma Platnumz and Msizwa wedding ceremony
Image: WasafiTV

When the rumors started cropping up after the picture of Esma went viral, Mziswa had posted a candle to symbolize death and captioned it saying,

"Human beings have no mercy."

This really broke him.

Let us wait and see how the divorce will go because things are already very ugly.