It has been a two year battle between Nicki Minaj and legendary artiste, Tarcy Chapman over Copyright infringement.

So a song, 'Sorry', that was supposed to be part of Nicki's album in 2018 used parts of Chapman's 1988 song 'Baby Can I Hold You'. According to the singer.

In September, the judge dealing with the lawsuit ruled that Nicki didn’t violate any copyright infringement laws by recording the record.

The rapper admitted that she didn’t know she was using Chapman’s song, as she thought she was borrowing from Shelly Thunder’s reggae hit 'Sorry' which uses elements of Chapman’s song as well.



According to Tracy, Nicki asked her to use the song and she consistently said no. Nicki went ahead to produce the song but she did not release it but it leaked.

Following the decision by the judge, a trial regarding the leak and distribution of Nicki Minaj's song was set. But Nicki and her team did not want to proceed because it would cost them a lot of money to go for trial.

So they settled it out of court and she offered Tracy Chapman $450,000 (approximately ksh45 million).

I guess they both win.