Should you get that tattoo? Should I should I should I. Brenda Wairimu is telling you to stop questioning and just do it.

But when it comes to the ladies, if your question whether to get a baby with him, the answer is a definite no.

"You think you can hurt me? I nap while getting tattooed 😈Thank you @austin_254tattoos your work is so good , the details are my favorite part, you can see clearly on my stories! And they do house calls too. Remember...this is the year of YES and guilt-free NO's. Should I shave my hair? YES. Should I get those tattoos I've been wanting? YES. Should I get pregnant by this man? πŸ‘€ if you have to ask, it's probably NO ladies πŸ€£πŸ‘€" Brenda posted

The life Brenda has lived and the things she has lost, saying no is probably the least of her worries. I mean how bad can it get? 

We lost so much last year all in the fear of taking the next step. Wondering what will happen once you say yes? What is at stake? Will you survive.

But in 2021, we revive it all. Just say yes.