"Looking at what’s happening in Uganda and to bring everything back home, we also need change in our country! Do we have a “Bobi wine” in our country??who is that? " That was Kamene's million dollar question this morning.

Of course with Uganda's general elections already underway this morning, all eyes are on 38-year-old musician Bobi Wine.

The politician is banking on his country's youthful population to vote for him and help dethrone Museveni, who has been in power for decades.

To answer the question, many believe we do have a 'Bobi wine' in our midst while some think the nation lacks sober youthful leaders who can liberate the nation from bad leadership.

Below are some of their reactions; 

Anthony Mungara: We have alot of those in this country,liberators that can save us from the clenched fist of greedy politicians. Only problem is bringing enough people together to dethrone the ones in power. In this country anger doesn't get us rising up it backs most out

Muthami: We have a lot of Bobi Wines but the problem is their affiliations...plus the elderly citizens still have the upper hand on everything...and majority of the youths in Kenya aren't interested in national leadership let alone politics

KhoiKhoi: I think Babu owino is kenya's political goldmine that remains untapped..His gentle and pleasant style,as well as his personal ethics run the grain

Daniel Mukoya: Most Kenyans know what should be done for our country to change but still end up choosing the most incompetent people since they lie to them how their interests will be addressed.

Jack Marubu: Fear and intimidation reigns supreme in Kenyan politics. A disillusioned youthful & impoverished population is spent on chasing their own tail. The rest,'middle' class is mostly stoned and high to numb the reality. We are cooked. A sober candidate is yet to surface at the moment.

Highs: I think babu would fit in, only that Babu is abit arrogant and undecided. Let him think big if he want to liberate Kenyans from the hands of our oppressors.