The State House Director of Brand Strategy and events Thomas Kwaka famously known as Big Ted has been know to be the guy behind anything events in government.

Once you hear that you think, manz has so much money. Well, believe it or not, he once went bankrupt while still working at State House.

Speaking to KISSFM's Jalang'o on his YouTube channel,  Big Ted disclosed he has been bankrupt not once but twice. He was rendered bankrupt when his entertainment company counted losses.


"In my life, I have been bankrupt twice, latest being three years ago. Well, you can actually be in the kitchen and not eat the meat. There are some of us who value our name and persons than money. People would say I was stupid, this and that. There are two types of people in the world, those who believe they can actually work and earn a living and those who can make others think like they are working but they are not really working. I had the opportunity to do a lot of things including wash wash but I passed.'' Big Ted said.

Through the ups and the downs, his girlfriend has always stood by him up to date. That is the kind of wife men out here are kneeling down in prayer for.

Going through all that, Ted is now a mentor to so many people on social media especially men. If you ever need words of encouragement, visit his page, you will there wiser. Trust me.