Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Nyamu has revealed that she was once in a toxic relationship where she was assaulted.

She says her then lover who is a politician was also obsessive with her and full of insecurities.

Speaking exclusively to Massawe Japanni, Nyamu says she was a young girl in her 20s but what she went through made her change her mind about ever getting into marriage.


"I don't believe in marriage. I love having kids, getting married is good but I made that decision based on the experiences I got. I experienced violence, nilikaziwa, there was insecurity and obsessiveness"

"The boyfriend whom I dated for more than two years made me change my mind"  Said Nyamu.

Asked why she never reported the matter Nyamu said;

"I was intimidated since it was someone from the government because I was sure nothing would have happened to him plus I was in my 20s"

"He used to threaten me that if I leave him he would do this and that. I was a legal officer in one of his company"

Nyamu was made to explain why on one of her recent posts she insinuates she is looking for a husband and she said she was doing it just for fun.

"Hii ni utani, hizo ni jokes massawe mwanamke anayetaka kuolewa hawaandiki kwa Instagram, they go to their knees and pray"