Please, get some tissue ladies, Waihiga Mwaura is about to make you cry. In a very cute way relax.

So in case you have just woken up from the year 2015, TV anchor Waihiga is married to the gorgeous songstress, Joyce Omondi. The two are classic couple goals and they do not have to show it off on social media.

They keep it sweet and private. It is about them not all of us. But once in a while, they will give us a sneak peek of their love life and it is just adorable.

Speaking to Parents Magazine, Waihiga was asked to describe his wife, Joyce in a song, Fragrance or dance move and he chose two songs.


"I will describe her in two songs. The first one is one she sang which is 'Conqueror'. The first time I saw my wife and I did a couple of crazy things to get her attention. I love that song so every time I hear it it reminds me of her. And it helps much that it is her voice and she is on the video.

I would add John Legends All of Me. That is a special song. I think of her when I hear it." He said

Told you, you'd cry. 2021 I pray you get a sweet man like Waihiga. Amen?