kamene and jalas 2021
kamene and jalas 2021

Today Kamene was not playing and she came loaded with turf but eye opening questions.

She really wanted to know why men usually run away from single moms.

Kamene based her argument on a conversation she had with two ladies who claim they have been single for years just because men don't want to be associated with single moms 


"Something happened yesterday and one baby girl came and said the last time she was in a relationship was in 2005.

She says; I am a single mom and the minute I go on a date and reveal that I have a child the men disappear" Kamene said.

Jalang'o however was not buying the story saying

That is a big lie there are men out there who love single moms and take care of the kids .

Two things; Number one not anyone wants to be a single mom, it is never in the plan.

Number two, for the men, even when you have fun just remember you are not a single man but a single dad who has left the responsibilities with a woman.

He continued,


For a man before you love her love the child first because they love their kids first .

There are men who look at women who are accomplished and don't have a kid and there is a woman who is also accomplished and doesn't have a kid, put yourself in men's shoes, whom would you go to?

.Below are some of the responses the two received from listeners;

One male caller said; Inakuanga because of two reasons; One if this chic had a guy and he left her unaona kuna shida na huyu dem and second reason watu huona nikama ule dem ni tampered goods and the tamper proof has already been removed.

A tweep said: Number one hatutaki kugharamia mzigo sio wetu

certified: The reason is her child will always come first

Dorothy Nyeresh: Most single mothers are successful and men run away from them

KhoikHoi: Men tend to pretend they are not afraid of successful single women but once they learn they are accomplished they feel insecure.

Lawrence John: Swali why is she single? Why should I raise another man's child?

One lady shattered the topic as she revealed that she is a single mom who has found love more than once!

'I am a single mom and whoever you aren't talking to is effing with the wrong men. There are too many men who love single moms"