I do not know if you remember the famous Wilkings Fadhili who was exposed a few years ago for conning so many top CEO's and celebrities.

The story was trending for so long because this guy had branded himself as a brand strategist claiming to have worked with various Kenyan media personalities and musicians. And then boom, it was all undone by BBC journalist Larry Madowo, in one tweet and then everyone else started exposing him.

Yesterday Suzie Wokabi, Suzie Beauty CEO brought it back.

"Hello all, this is a bit of a public service announcement. BEWARE of Wilkings Fadhili Odinga @wilkinsfadhili @wilkingspodcastnetwork @wilkingsstudiosagency, he has done it again and on behalf of everyone that he has messed up this time around, I feel that it is my responsibility to expose him. First off please note that he has nothing to do with any of my brands and if he dares to use my name anywhere there will be consequences to pay. He was my podcast manager and has managed to disappear with a bunch of my footage that we shot and using my name to get clients etc. The list is long of others who he has done wrong to." She took to social media

This caught so many people were surprised he is still doing the same old thing yet he apologized and repented then boom!