Kamene and Jalas could not wait to talk about what Bensoul highlighted in his song, 'Nairobi'. It states that people are out here dating so many people and those people are dating each other.

"Have you ever walked into an event and met three of your exes. I mean Bensoul is saying the truth. The Nairobi social life is a big bedroom. It is the same people all over.

The people who control Nairobi are the same people. In all clubs, they are the same same people. Before Sauti Sol cancelled their ticket they had already bought tickets. . Every new place you will find them. The thing is there is someone that you know that knows someone that you know and somewhere you will find someone you dated in that chain." Jalang'o said

Adding that,


"So if Kamene and I are dating, God forbid, I know someone who knows her and that person knows who she was dating and then that somebody knows who I was dating and they will all keep quiet about it. That is what we call Nairobi

If you have not married someone that is when they are yours. Before that, they belong to the streets. They will be going na upepo. Have you ever found your girlfriend with her boyfriend? It is tricky"

Kamene agreed with all this but for her, she says it is just that the county is small so meeting the same people is inevitable.

"Nairobi ni kubaya, ogopa Nairobi. You go to one club you meet a bae then you move to the next you meet the same same person." Kamene said

Callers agreed with all lyrics in Bensoul's song and with what Kamene and Jalang'o were saying.

"Nairobi ni kubaya, let me tell you, this weekend I went for sherehe I go in with a male friend, I met the friends of this guy and they all want me. I saw it first hand." One caller said

Kamene said that she can be found in only two clubs because that is where she is always at.


"I only go out in two clubs in Nairobi so I will meet a guy in either of the two clubs."

Then Jalang'o painted what the Nairobi's scene us kike. He said.


"If this guy knows that those are your two regular clubs, he will go and try hunt in another club. Then that is the day you have decided to move clubs and you meet your boyfriend with another chic in that club. Nairobi."

Bensoul touched a raw nerve and everyone is talking about the song because he is being very honest.