Mzee Abdul supporting Ali Kiba
Mzee Abdul supporting Ali Kiba

Over the weekend, Mzee Abdul popularly known as baba Diamond was the subject of headlines on blogs across East Africa.

This was after Mama Dangote boldly stated that he is not Diamond's biological father, saying that she was already pregnant with Diamond when the two met.

She went on to disclose that Diamond's real father is one Salum Iddi Nyange who passed on many years back.

Days later, it looks like mzee Abdul has now shifted allegiance to Diamond's main rival, Ali Kiba's camp.

In a video posted by Bongo5, Mzee Abdul is seen praising Ali Kiba's new 'Infedele' jam before going on to bless him and his career.

"Ali Kiba is my friend and my son, I have loved the new song which has really touched my soul. I congratulate you and urge you to keep pushing.

May God deal with all the obstacles ahead. Do not listen to others only God will bless the work of your hands. May God bless you Ali Kiba." Mzee Abdul said.

(Ali Kiba ni ndugu yangu, mwanangu, rafiki yangu, nimeipenda nyimba yako imeniguza sana kwenye nafsi yangu. Endelea mpenzi mungu akupe power akuondolee nuksi, muziki wako uendelee kama muziki wako funga buti wachana na mswahili. Mungu pekee ndio anadakia, wengine wote usiwaskize, endelea na muziki. Mungu akubariki sana Ali Kiba.)

Check out the video below;