There  is a hot debate on social media regarding comedian Trevor Noah's career now that president Trump's tenure is over.

I know many don't understand the co-relation between the two but if you have managed to watch 'The daily show with Trevor Noah' you will see he never missed a chance to critic president Trump and his administration.

So on Twitter a few users claim that he thrived off critiquing Trump since not many people loved the United States 45th president.

"Trevor Noah literally built his career on Trump. That's coming to an end, sadly for him" wrote lord Mutai.

Little did he know his follower base had many Trevor Noah's fans who differed with his opinion.

other user, 2021 Africa echoed Mutai's words;

A lot of people hated Trump and when Trevor Noah shaded trump Americans loved it, that's one of the main reasons they watched his show it's gonna be hard to keep that same audience interested.

Below are some of the reactions both tweets elicited;

Brian: Am sure you copy pasted that comment from somewhere coz clearly you dont know what you talking about watch his standup with the kind of creative you will see am sure you will change your mind.

Eng mangongo: This has been my mind . Unless he is very creative as a commedian but for the last four years his comedy was not diversified . It was just about Trump. He was ironically Trump employee

Sithale: Wait for his fans coming to argue against that fact. I said it yesterday that the Daily Show's obsession with Trump has left Trevor with less content for a Stand up. He wants to talk about Trump even when doing a stand up outside the US.

Skado: I wanted to believe in what u are saying few days ago, but I remembered that that guy is talented, he's actually planning a better content and I am sure alot will love it...

Abuti: Comedians shades everyone in power I believe now they for waiting for Biden to slip so he can be roasted

What are your thoughts regarding this? Is Trevor's career on the verge of declining?