Size 8 has had to learn to love DJ Mo, her husband for what he does in their marriage.

A lot can change from looks to feelings to what they do, but as the Bible says, love should be the solid hold.

Taking to social media, Size 8 appreciated her husband for being the exception to what the world is.


"Love is not a personal mere appreciation of another because of what they do or not do or because of how they look like physically or what they have all these things can change and do change but true love is seeing someone's true value through God's eyes which never changes!!! So your love for them never changes no matter the seasons or physical changes or what they do or not do. Because their true value in God is permanent so you love them like Jesus Christ loves us, unchangeable love. 🥰😍❤❤ @djmokenya, God help us see people the way you see them not as the world has taught us to view people. #agapelove."

The two had it so tough in 2020 and this is probably one of the biggest lessons she had to learn.

We all had an opinion when the scandal on DJ Mo cheating broke. Things were unveiling themselves but in all that, no confirmation was made. But in the midst of it all, harsh opinions were raised. By family, friends and strangers.

But from what Size 8 is saying, DJ Mo chooses to see people in a different form. One of the many reasons he loves him.