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Hart the band kiss100.co.ke

Just a few days till we welcome February, it seems the new trend for artists this year is all about changing their signature looks.

Late last year, Guardian Angel's 50-year-old bae, Esther Musila shaved her long dreadlocks, giving slay queens a run for their weaves.

A few days later, Kasubuni artist, Timy Tdat followed suit, shocking his fans.

This year, Mordecai from  H_art the band has become the first celebrity to shave his dreadlocks, completely changing his signature looks.

In a video posted on the boy band's Instagram page, Mordecai is seen holding his long dreadlocks as a barber carefully chops them off one by one, leaving a ka short afro.

Below are some of the reactions from their fans and friends who couldn't believe he went for the big chop;

Bensoul: Aaahhhh Rasta kipara.

Kush Tracey: 😩😩😩kasee😭

Ashley Chili: Weka kipara tuone uremboo πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Keri: The locks, are they for sale😁

Uhuru the blog: Not you too Dex!!! Inaniuma more than mine 😭😭😭 But enyewe dreads zinaongezanga miaka

Agunda alan: Hehheeh waah tukilea unanyoa