Yesterday was a proud moment for American's as their president, Joe Biden was inaugurated alongside his vice president, Kamala Harris.

Actually, scratch that, everyone was happy for this won, the whole world well expect Trump and his people.

It is the first time in America a woman has been elected as the Vice President and that is something everyone is talking about.


Other than that, the fact that she has a very supportive husband is what caught the attention of many. Especially the Kenyan men led by Jalang'o Mwenyewe.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Jalang'o read a quote by Kamala's husband as he wished her all the best in this new journey.

"I love you and adore you and I can't wait for the world to see what I wake up to every day." Jalas quoted Kamala's husband.

In awe of this quote Kamene asked,

"Is he happy to wake up next to you and happy to love you? Ama ni makasiriko kila saa?"

Jalas added saying,

"This is the husband to a lady who is at the top. She has it more than you. Money and power. I will become a submissive husband my friend. But women be a wife when you come home. The problem with Kenyan ladies they become a level higher they start madharau and things drop because she became the managing director. Men are happy when women are progressing but the vice versa makes the woman leave. 'When a woman levels up they disrespect their man!' Jalas shouts"


Speaking from experience, Kamene disagreed with this.

"When I moved to kiss, my life changed significantly. Many people thought it would never happen in my life. Relationships ended and it is not because I had pride. The men just become so sensitive. We can plan for dinner and then I cancel in the name of work and get upset."

Jalang'o was clear that leveling up should not make you have a sense of pride.

"Your position means a lot to you than your relationship. You start thinking you have a lot of money. It is true. Men have been holding these positions for a long time. Women are just leveling up juzi and we do not change. ut a woman she will now pee on everyone just because of a level up.

Be like Kamala. He is saying that because through this journey to the vice president, the husband has been there and she has been chilled."

Do you believe relationships can not thrive if the woman is thriving?