Lexxy Yung may have left Sailors but he has still maintained the party starter pack just in another environment, Heaven.

He decided to go gospel and in a video, he explained the reason why is because he just needs to give God thanks.

"People are questioning why I decided to go gospel. I just felt it is right to put God first in my life for all he has done for me. I mean he is there for me even when I sin he still wakes me up. Holy or not, he has you." Lexxy said


In the midst of changing his was, Lexxy Yung decided to apologize to those he hurt. This included his mother, Mwalimu Racheal and KRG The Don. Read the full story below:

The message got to KRG The Don who then did a counter video accepting his apology.

"I see Lexxy Yung has changed his ways. You have learned that your elders are to be respected. Dunia haitaki kiherehere, it is a cold world.

If you have said you are sorry, I accept with a clean heart. Get together with your hommies, Peter and everyone else and come to my studio we shale hands and sing our last song then you can go gospel 100%. With the likes of  Ringtone and Bahati and all other gospel artistes."

Adding that Lexxy and others like him should learn from that mistake that elders are to be respected.

"Next time do not come for your elders. This art is just a job. Do not let it get into you to a pint you have so much pride because of one hit song. No. Hunger will still come your way. Do not let music change your mentality thinking you are a god."

He wished him all the best in his journey as a Christian saying,

"I pray that God will keep you going in this new journey you want to embark on."

Now, we wait for a song.