Bahati and Diana Marua have grown into love despite all the drama that followed them.

As they say, when it comes to love, you have to learn someone and accept them as they are despite their flaws. And that is what the two decided to do.

In a  Facebook post, Bahati poured out his heart to his wife thanking her for always being there for him and building a family together. From the days he was just a small boy.

“I met you When I was Just a Boy; You have walked with me through this Journey to being a Man. Thank You for being there for me and giving me an opportunity to Build a Family Together. You have been the Best Mother my Kids could ever have. May God keep you, Protect and Make you Prosperous for us My Love... You are Forever My #WCW ❤❤❤ @diana_marua.” Bahati shared

Diana and Baha have also mastered the art of publicly declaring their love for one another. Something Nairobi women are seeking but you know how things are in this streets.

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