Jalang'o was going through today's papers and one of the headlines that caught his eyes is regarding sex workers in Nairobi.

He started by stating how Covid-19 affected everyone and every biashara and that also means the sex workers too affected thanks to the curfew.

"The pandemic affected everyone all the business were affected, wasanii tumelia watu hawakuwa affected ni watu wa ku supply chakula na pombe. Jalang'o said.

The paper (Nation) says in a good night our ladies in the streets are around two thousand to three thousand with five thousand over the weekends.

He continued,

With the night curfew in place we have been asking, where are they? Apparently reggae did not stop and they are still at work.

According to the Daily Nation, prostitution has moved to the estates and they are doing a door to door services. All of them have gone online, opened websites and Instagram pages etc.

Jalang'o says the mushrooming massage parlors are probably where they are operating from nowadays.

Kamene loves how innovative the sex workers have become and thinks they need to be appreciated.

Kamene: Let us first applaud these ladies for adapting so quick, they realized they needed to secure the bag.