Madam Boss Akothee is back again with another slice of wisdom for her fans.

She wants her fans to stop confusing depression with confusion. She argues that most people have their lives all over the place and they find themselves entangled in other things.

"Now I want to tell you what worked for me," Akothee wrote.

1. Accept your situation right now , but don't dwell or sympathise with it ,you can't change it ,but you can improve it

2.Identify your bills ,what's urgent what's important and what can wait.

3. Call your Landlord/ debtors ,Before He/ she calls you , explain to him / her ,things are bad and you need more time , whether he accepts or not ,you have done your part , the worse they can do is to throw you out ,tea will be served ,bit you know what ,you will be free .

Advising parents, Akothee continued;

4. Go to school ,talk to the teachers ,tell them to give you sometime, you will definitely pay the school fee, the worst they can do is to throw your child out of school ,but you have done it anyway. Corona was here & schools were closed anyway

5 .you are a human being ,don't volunteer your life just like that, live in the moment , look to this day ,own your power and peace. Do what it takes to have a dream of happiness , somethings / challenges are ment to prepare you for the big things Forget about your mistakes yesterday, forget about the opportunities you misd yesterday, commit yourself for today ,live now, make all your efforts to commit on yourself.

Her parting shot was that everyone should 'think only the best ,work only for the best so you can get the best .