Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

What really happened to bro code? Did it die in Nairobi?

That was Kamene's question to the gents this morning after stories emerge of how Nairobi men are openly  slicing each other's girlfriends and boyfriends.

She went on to narrate how strong the girl code is and how women rarely entertain other women's exes or boyfriends.

"So y'all men mna sliciana hivi? You see for chics for example me and Charity no matter what, we can never ever ever chimbiana.

Eti she had a person and then I take that person, even if it is ten years down the line,it cannot be done. Nyinyi wasee nafanyanga foreign exchange at the table." Said Kamene.

That prompted Jalang'o to list down bro code rules which should be followed to the letter.

One of the (bro code)rules that I know, if you are my friend you can never date my sister, that's number one, that is a no go zone.

If you are my friend, my family becomes your family and we become one and you see my sister as your sister. My friend can never date my ex, if you are my ex you are an ex to all my friends and you are supposed to cut off all the communications.