BenSoul gave us one of the most emotional songs in 2020. 'Niombe' which was a song we all jammed to when things were so confusing last year.

It gave us hope and then H_art The Band released another one El- Shaadai written by Bensoul, that brought us to tears.

Speaking to Jalang'o he said,


"I thank God for that. It is a song that has come from a very pure place. Thank you so much, I am just grateful it is doing the work God bestowed me to do."

Jalas then reminded us of the way gospel artistes were threatened by these great hits.

"Even gospel artistes were really threatened. With you releasing 'Niombe', H_art The Band releasing, 'El Shaada'i and Nyashinski also had 'Mungu Pekee'. They complained y'all are taking over their job."

Laughing out loud, Bensoul responded saying,

"They should come to us if writing is a problem for them. We will write songs for them. They shouldn't feel like we are interfering with the gospel scene. And at the end of the day as an artiste, I have the freedom to express myself based on how I feel. If I want to thank God for his greatness, I will sing it out."

Can we just appreciate this manz' talent? It is something else. He can compose an amazing love song, a club song, a gospel song and the recent one a reality check song.

 Good job Bensoul.