Sam Smith is out here looking for his one true love on Tinder. He had been on the celebrity dating app but hasn't found anyone. So on to the next.

The 28-year-old singer revealed that he will not be doing this on his own. He will have the help of his friends when it comes to vetting. I mean the Tinder streets have so many varieties and the rate of catfishing happening there is high so you need to be careful.

His profile has people confused if it really is Sam Smith.


"On Tinder, a lot of people haven’t believed it really is Sam because it’s not every day you see a superstar on there. But all of the matches are being vetted by friends, who are sending ­profiles to Sam in the hope that one of them could be The One" A source told TMZ.

Apparently, manz has been single for a while. His relationship with actor Brandon Flynn did not go as we thought it would. So he has been single for the last three years.

With the variety Tinder has to offer, we pray he will finally meet the one. It could just be a Kenyan. You never know.