Brenda Wairimu is really having a hard time on social media trying to explain that she is okay. 

Her relationship with Juliani ended and people are out here thinking she can never move on from it. But guys, she has said there is more to life than that. Perhaps money problems.

There are so many times she has posted a picture, captioned it and social media in-laws are out there concluding that she is sad and it is all about relationships.

A week ago, Brenda decided to shave her hair, then she got a tattoo and the assumption is she is trying to cope with a heartbreak.

Taking to social media she made it clear, there are more problems.

"Sometimes some people see us sad and just conclude it's relationship issues. My friend I need 8 billion." She captioned  a gorgeous picture

Brenda and Juliani dated for a while and served us couple goals but they later parted ways. We still do not know exactly what happened and we respect that.

But there is more to her life than that.