On Sunday January 24th, Infotrak released data on who did an excellent job in 2020. The top performers were medics, then the media followed by President Uhuru and the church.

Kamene and Jalas disagreed with the results of the survey, and decided to unpack this list. For them, the President and the church should not have been on that list, adding that content creators could have been better.

One caller angrily bashed the church saying,


"Kanisa wamelala kabisa. They did things that we could not understand. They failed us as a nation when we needed them the most"

Adding to that, Jalas asked one simple question. The church was closed as soon as the pandemic hit, so how did they help?

"What did the church do? I mean they were closed and then when they used to call Facebook a hub of the devil they decided to use that platform to do live services. And then ask for offerings via MPESA.

And then if we never joined their live church session, they were getting pissed at us and scolding us" Jalang'o said

Adding to this Kamene said.

"In fact, there is nothing they did because we are still struggling with this COVID-19. They are supposed to have prayed it away. So I do not know why the church is fourth on the list. What did they do?"

Making it clear, they do believe in God just that their leaders failed them.


"It does not mean we do not believe in God. But when things hit, they were the first ones to be closed. To me as Jalang'o they did not do anything. These churches that have been performing miracles and healing this was the time to shine. Pastor Nganga and Prophet Owuor, where were you?"

What do you think?