Those who have been waiting for Corazon Kwamboka to shed premium tears should probably just move on.

Because Frankie Kiarie aka Gym It and their son Tayari is making her very happy. And you can see it all over her face.

So over the weekend, she took Frankie to Mombasa for his 31st birthday and they had an amazing and very romantic time. You could clearly see they enjoyed each others company and that is what matters.

As I have said severally, love may fade but the friendship will always survive. Work on that.


From morning workouts to beach walks to cuddle time at sunset. He surely had an amazing weekend. 31 looks like it will be an amazing one for Frankie.

Here is a video of how it all went down. Well I am sure they had some grown up time now that they are away from baby Tayari but we do not have to see that.