Still trending at 2 million-plus views is Bensoul's song, Nairobi featuring Sauti Sol, Nviiri and Mejja.

When the video of the song was finally released, it went viral because well, the truth is, we can all relate to the story. But the other reason it was trending was that people were not pleased with Mejja's verse.

"After writing the song, I produced it with my friend, So Fresh with the help of my family, Bien came and helped in writing and then we felt we needed someone who represents the culture to complete the song. And Mejja was one of the first people we thought of we called him and he was on board." Bensoul said

Speaking on Mpashogram, he went ahead to say that he knows Mejja was the perfect one to collaborate with. In as much as people hated the idea, everyone has a right to their own opinion.


"I just think people did not want diversity. But then again people have the right to have their opinions. For me, I felt he delivered because I wanted someone who will be very honest and raw about it as is." Bensoul told Kalondu Musyimi

Adding that now, it is the favourite verse after what has been trending.

"And now after the story on the cousins came out, now they are loving his verse.  I do not want to mention anyone."