Still trending on YouTube is Bensoul's song featuring Sauti Sol, Nvirri and Mejja, Nairobi. It is officially the 254 anthem.

If you have heard him in interviews, he has severally said that he writes his songs based on his experience. So was Nairobi a song based on an experience?

Yes, it was. But for him to write a song, it was after a friend showed him messages of how he was being played.


Speaking to Kalondu on Mpashogram, he said,

"There is a friend of mine who sent me messages on how he was being played in broad daylight. I write it as an affirmation that he should forget we are in Nairobi. And that is where the idea came from." Bensoul said

She then asked,

"So does that mean you view Nairobi as a big bedroom?"

To which he answered saying,

"Yes I do, it is all about per person sharing. Hata mimi nimechezwa mara mingi but such is life."

I am sure a couple of you can relate to his statement. Sometimes you are played too much you get used to it.


Nairobi by Bensoul is not the anthem in households and clubs. When the DJ plays it at a night out, people sing along and you can see the emotions on their faces.

Moral of the story, Ogopa sana Nairobi.