Stop laughing guys, inauma but Tanasha Donna just had to let it be. 

She was in Tanzania over the weekend to record a video with Nandy and in the midst of that, she had the chance to visit her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz and give him the chance to spend time with their son, Naseeb.

Tanasha's presence there also gave her the opportunity to perform Gere on stage with Diamond for the first time.

So many small snippets of that performance were shared on social media and the one that trended all over was of Diamond seemingly snubbing a kiss from Tanasha. Watch the video below,

Of course, the video had a lot of negative comments but one guy commented defending Ms. Donna with an explanation that she was trying to whisper something to her baby daddy and not going in for a kiss.

"Eti he refused to kiss you? Stop insinuating things that are not there yet we can see the truth. Why do we  Kenyans hate each other. You can clearly see she was not trying to kiss him, she wanted to tell him something and Diamond turned too fast he did not see it. Never mind them, they are just jealous." He wrote.

Tanasha responded saying,

“It is what it is. Let them have fun reacting the whole scenario.” 

Like Lillian Muli said, being in the public eye is not easy but one needs to develop a thick skin.