Betty Kyallo's barbershop, After Shave By Falir
Betty Kyallo's barbershop, After Shave By Falir
Image: Moses Mwangi

Betty Kyallo never stops scaling high and we are here to watch it all because we love to see wins.

Just when we thought Flair By Betty was it, she decided,  business must be expanded and that is how she settled on opening a barbershop.

During the launch of After Shave By Flair, the barbershop, her close friends and family were there to hold her hand through another milestone.

Proud of her new journey, Betty Kyallo said that she got the idea out of a nyama choma hang with her friends.


"I just came to eat some nice nyama choma here with my friends and met Henry who took me round and he mentioned he wanted to open a barbershop and that is when the idea hit me. Three months later, here we are."

After Shave is a place the men can go in and feel good. As she said when you look good, you feel good. So men, you now have a safe haven in Upperhill. 

The barbershop is surrounded by so many other amazing services including a carwash, nyama and a chilled out bar. So budesko's, you will have the whole experience.

Here are pictures from the launch: