Anwar Loitiptip and Saumu Mbuvi
Anwar Loitiptip and Saumu Mbuvi
Image: Instagram

When I grow up I want to learn how to normalize luxury like Saumu Mbuvi. And also, to have a thick skin like she does.

And no, it is not her father's money. She is a babe who works hard all day every day.

"Nakula pesa ya county ulinipea? I work Monday to Monday looking for my money my dear." She told a follower who claimed she is spending government money

So much is said about her on social media. Even when she is just living her best life, the worst is always dropped on her.


Yesterday our favorite tea master, Edgar Obare's people had some suspicions that Saumu's man and baby daddy, Anwar Loitiptip is seeing someone else.

According to the rumors, Anwar was seen in another county with Aeedah Bambi. They were just normal pictures of them looking like they had just closed a deal but it was interpreted in so many different ways.

Saumu who is currently chopping money and enjoying life in a yacht went live and few fans who were on the know asked her to clarify these rumors.

"Ata akue na sister ya Bambi, iko nini? It is 2021. I do not care guys. Guys do not stress yourself on small things. Depression is real and it is taking people out. I cannot waste my time on small things. This life I cannot kill myself ooh!

Do not worry. Do not stress yourself. It is 2021. I am not stressed about anything and if it is there let it be.  Sina pressure this is 2021. Even if they are together it is okay." Saumu said

Adding that she has no beef with Edgar because he is just doing his job. Interesting because when someone is exposed on his page, they always declare they hate him and the 'job' he is doing.


"I have no bad blood with Edgar. He is just doing his job he is working. Let him work." Saumu said