Diamond Platnumz decided it is time his truth comes out. He killed all assumptions and answered all doubts.

During an interview with Lil Ommy on Wasafi FM, he was asked to clarify the rumors that he treats some of his children better than others.

Okay, see the thing people are saying out there is that he loves Tiffah and Naseeb more than Nilan and Dylan. Boy, this guy has so many children.


"Tiffah is my firstborn and only daughter and I lived with her for a longer time. So automatically she is closer to me because she knows me. When Nilan was born not so long after Zari Hassan moved them to South Africa.

For Naseeb Junior (NJ) when he comes he is the only child so it is easy to create a bond and connect with him. I love all my children equally and I respect my baby mamas so much. I love them all and I feel so bad they are trolled so much on social media and they stay strong despite it all. I respect them." Diamond said

He then threw in a comment saying it sucks that his baby mamas are always being trolled. Actually, it hurts him.

"It hurts to see that one of my baby mamas come to bring me my children and people are put here speaking ill of them. It even makes them uncomfortable to want to come again."

Diamond then revealed that Dylan was to come home to spend time with him before Naseeb and Tanasha -his mother- flew to Tanzania.


"Something you do not know. Before NJ came, Dylan - his son with Hamisa- was to come home. I talked to the mum for him to come home for a week. I was planning things then Tanasha and NJ decided to come. So people saying Dylan is not coming they should know, I meet him because he is here in Tanzania. I just do not put it on social media.

Dylan would have come to be with NJ but you know how people talk on social media so I felt it was right not to have them both at home. But Tanasha has told me she has spoken to Hamisa and the children will meet. You know they are friends. But then again I spoke to Hamisa and she said she would love for the boys to meet but there is too much going on online. So now I am also thinking it is not okay for now until things water down." He told the listeners

He asked social media in-laws to take it easy with the trolls.


"But I would say this, my baby mama's are women and the trolls make them look bad so just let them live their lives in peace please."

Asked on who we will consider being wife material he said,

"All are wife materials and I respect them as parents. In as much as religion allows, I am not yet there."