Maureen Waititu did not start hitting the screens after meeting Frankie Kiarie aka Just Gym It when they started their YouTube channel.

She had been in the game for a while and one of the biggest projects she worked on then was being a vixen in Nameless' song, 'Inspire Me'. Yap the cute babe he dedicated all the words to in the video.

Posting on the TBT, Maureen said she met him through J Blessing and one thing she will not forget is how amazing Nameless was. But throughout the journey to Oloitoktok where they shot the video, she kept her distance from him.


"It's a #TBT!πŸ“Έ 2017. Baby you inspire me!🎼🎢🎡I remember when I met the amazing, talented and the most humble artist I know @namelesskenya through Director @jibrilblessing and I was so nervous about how I was going to execute my role in this video because I take every role I play with extreme seriousness and it was a make or break kind of content. When the filming started (note we had to travel overnight with a huge filming crew Oloitoktok), I was making sure that I am not too close to him because one, I deeply respect @wahukagwi and secondly I was so intimidated by the powerhouse I was working with πŸ˜†. Looking back, I am proud to have been part of INSPIRE. Also @phoinahaircollection, this is the first time you did my makeup and I have always bowed down to your beautiful work. And yes, we had the best stylist in the market then and now @brianbabu."

Now, Maureen is sought-after model and brand ambassador. Trust the process.