Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muidai had a lowkey wedding with only close family in attendance and that was their plan.

Lucky for them the COVID-19 health guidelines required one to either avoid social gathering s or keep them very very small. Their wedding was lowkey until photos surfaced online. Before then all we knew is that traditionally they were married.

In an interview with Cloud's FM, the 'Kidani' hitmaker revealed that it was attended by very few people.


"We tied the knot during the corona period that’s why it was lowkey. our church wedding was attended by less than 10 people."


A few months later, Ben Pol converted to Islam which caught people by surprise because that would mean Anerlisa would have to go the same route if they follow the rules religiously.

"I was not clout chasing. All you saw was real whether it was wrong or right what people saw is real and what they concluded from it is all up to them. "

Anerlisa has not spoken about this especially on whether she will follow her husband but they are happy and that is what matters right?