Wahu came into the scene of fame as a secular artiste and then she got married to Nameless.

And the two are inseparable. She later joined the gospel world and seen in this space, she is still shinning.

But before Wahu got to where she is, bagging endorsements and other wins in her life she started from somewhere.

Encouraging her followers, she told us to keep on going and live the process because one day things will light up.

"13-year-old Wahu. Njenga Karume flats house no. L6.My encouragement to you. God knows the plans He has for you. Plans to prosper you and to give you hope. Endeavor to tune into His frequency and hear His guidance and you'll be pleasantly surprised 😊😊#tbtπŸ”™πŸ“ΈPhoto creds: @rose_shiku_mwangi 😁😁 (my friend since childhood πŸ€—)." Wahu shared

More to music and endorsements, she is also hosting events and more to that she is also holding seminars. Fam you need to go because they have been married for 15 years. 

And we all know what Nairobi is all about.