Daddy Owen is having a very emotional and confusing 2021, all owing to his crumbling marriage.

Of course with that comes a lot of sadness but despite it all, he still remains steady in God's word. He turned 40 years a few days ago and he went down memory lane recalling the trying times.

These are the times Daddy Owen says people saw him as a foolish, useless and worthless man. But the one thing people forgot is he is under the wing of God, his savior.


"I have seen, felt, experienced and heard so many things. I have tasted rock bottom and experienced mountain top. Betrayed and loved. To others, I may have looked stupid, foolish, useless, worthless but they forgot one thing that I AM A MAN OF GOD, I get revelations that make them think u r conniving, yet is wisdom from above. Revelations which give you evidence that can shake and bring down any earthly kingdom. (Can't wait to finish my book..) I have learnt to understand that GOD'S Will always prevails! "

Giving examples Daddy Owen added that,

"Just like Jonah, u will get to Nineveh, just like the children of Israel a new generation will see the promised land. I have felt like Paul when he pleaded with God to remove the thorn from his flesh and I have seen God manifest in my life the answer that he gave Paul that " grace is sufficient in weakness..."I have felt like Job in Job 42:5 when he said that he had only heard about God but now he can see him.

I have felt like Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and I have learnt to trust the will of God and to trust God so much that I don't need to understand. I have learnt that the answer is sometimes in the fire because the fourth man is in the fire. In totality, as I step into my 40th year, I step in, as an empty vessel and undone before God, seeking more Grace, fresh anointing and a deeper walk with my source. I pray for more Grace to be able to reflect the peace, love and joy of the Lord."

Things may seem so difficult at one point in someone's life, but one should be encouraged darkness will not last forever.