It has been a while since we saw Tanasha Donna sit down for an interview. The last time she did the biggest interview she has ever done with True Love Magazine.

This one had her open up about a lot from her music to her relationship with Diamond, to the drama with his family including his mother all the way to the end of it.

Tanasha and Naseeb Junior were in Tanzania last week and that sparked a lot of conversations. Why was she there? where did she sleep? Is she back together with Diamond? Then the supposed kiss on stage. So much.

She answered all this in Mombasa where she currently is. In an interview with the media, she set a few records straight.

"I feel like I get a lot of love from Kenyans but when you get a lot of love, you will get a lot of hate too. Also, the father of my child let's not deny is a very controversial person so it is very normal for that hate to spark.

Being a celebrity, one should expect both sides, Jesus was the most loved and hated. Plus media needs the content they have to make controversial stories out there." Tanasha said

So where did Tanasha stay while in Tanzania?

"I stayed in a hotel but every day I was in the house because my son was constantly there to be with the family so I was back and forth."

As Diamond had mentioned, she was supposed to meet up with Hamisa and the children and it did not happen. Are they in good terms?


"Hamisa is my friend. She is cool peeps we work together and she is a fellow parent to the same baby daddy. Shout out to her."

One thing she promises her fans is that this year she is about to surprise us all and she has a lot to offer.

"People have not seen my full potential in the music industry. I have a lot to offer I went to Nigeria to learn from great people. So expect a new refined version of Tanasha Donna."