In 2020, Mejja was the king of collabos and in total, he did 13 songs. I do not know if Nairobi was also counted. But fam, those are a lot of songs.

And all were hit songs. Would have worked even better in the clubs if only things did not have to end by 9 pm. But oh well, we must be safe.

Speaking to Mwende, he revealed that he did not charge a cent for the 13 collabos he did.


"I do not charge for collabos. Especially with upcoming artistes. It is about growing the industry.

I am that person who has little money and then I go feed people. It is all about your essence as a human being. I want people to remember me when I die for helping people. I want to sleep at peace every night. knowing I have changed someone's life."

The next concern then becomes, where are the other members of The Kansol; Maddy and Kora? This is because all we have been seeing is Mejja in collaborations without them.

"I am usually with Maddy it is just that I don't post all the time. But The Kansol is still there it's just that there are a few personal issues each of us has. I am not supposed to talk about it even if I know. Because we do have songs, it is just that they have not been released because of personal issues here and there."


Due to the respect, he has for his brothers Maddy and Koran he said he needed to seek a form of permission to go ahead and collaborate with the 13 artistes.

"I am a guy of energy and I like peace. I never wanted to go do a collabo and upset these guys yet I have known them for years.  I used to take my songs to Maddy and there was approval hence doing the collabos."

Plus Mejja still had 'Kansol' on his Instagram bio. So worry not.