You know the way you break up with someone and you say it is not over until you return a few things he bought or she bought in the relationship.

Kamene has been there done that but she failed. Speaking on The Morning Kiss, she narrated a story of how she broke up with a guy and asked for all the money she lent him back. With receipts.

"I lent my ex a lot of money. So I remember I sent him a text. I told him the way you have been asking I am seeing like things are not working right? Either you be better or we end things.


He replied and said let's end this. I was like bass! You owe me... as I listed them down. I told him to please send me my money by the close of business. He was like I owe you what? I produced screenshots and an attachment of the MPESA transaction to follow. It was a lot of money."


That is when the man knew, kimeumana.

"And then he says it is not a must tukosane hivyo. I told him you can not come into my life, enjoy the benefits of my life and then walk out with the benefits? Bring them here for the next person to enjoy." Kamene narrated

There are relationships that end and manz is told to leave the clothes she bought him and the next thing you see, you meet a man in a club with a jumper you used to rock.

Nairobi, ogopa.