As a man we know nothing hurts more than when a lady you have invested much on sends you packing into the friend zone.

I mean, I prefer a chile who gives it to you straight that there is nowhere the two of you can go past friendships from the word go.

Others buy their time, lead you on only to dump you deep into the friend zone.

Jalang'o categorically stated that he doesn't do friend zones and when he used to be dating, once a lady tries to bring that topic up, he would simply end his pursuit.

"I don't do friend zones! " Shouted Jalas.


If I like a woman and she tries that nonsense I will end my pursuit. What are you hoping for sticking around for 9 months?

When I used to date I would put my intentions straight, monitor your behavior and if I don't like what I see goodbye, I might have lost so many good girlfriends along the way.

Kamene who was having fun with this topic defined friend zone as a reserve fuel tank.

She says, 'it is a fuel tank of friends all mandems are there but in worst case scenarios unaeza toa mmoja hapo then umrudishe.'

She went on to highlight one aspect that should help the men know whether they have been friend zoned from the word go.

If she calls you bro you are done. Number one way to know where you stand with her, is by how she calls you;

Does she call you those cute names or by your name? Charlo, Ben, baba you are in friend zoned where you will never get promoted.