Maureen Kunga is that babe so many men crush on. Whether they see her in public at an event or on the comment section or even kwa DM.

PS, we would love to see them.

But behind that adorable smile and voice and heart, she has insecurities just like many other women. Sharing about it, she took to social media a post of her smile and admitted she hated it.

"Woman. I used to HATE my smile 😂 Hate it. Because my teeth are small and my gums show, and in Hollywood and all these other places where they try to set beauty standards for us, ALL you see is TEETH! 😁"

But Maureen Kunga also said that she is embracing her smile and slowly learning to express her emotions with no fear.

"Only recently am I starting to learn how beautiful we really are when the emotions are genuine. And this is a VERY genuine smile 😃 also shout out to the guy holding the umbrella. Because it was HOT! 🥵"

Everybody has an insecurity but as Maureen said, it is about embracing them and appreciating yourself you can not be perfect.