Eric Omondi photo by Moses Mwangi
Eric Omondi photo by Moses Mwangi

Eric Omondi has announced that he is working on season 2 of wife material and that this time round he will be looking for real love.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, Eric who announced that he will be turning 40 in March, said that it is high time he finds a wife and he will be using his own show to do that.

"I am doing season two and since I m turning 40 season. I realized even though I was doing it as a scripted show I realized I can actually meet my wife through that process." Omondi said.

The award winning comedian added,

This time it will be 15 ladies , 23 years and above and the contestants will be from Kenya Uganda and Tanzania.

The cameras will be rolling 24/7 and every other area will have a camera except the bathroom and the bedroom. So I will trust my fans to vote till I am left with 5 ladies, then from there In will bring on my exes, Maribe and Shantelle to talk to the girls.

After that, he will then bring on board seasoned married celebrities, the likes of Wahu and Nameless as well as marriage counsellors to talk to the final 5.

"My birthday will be on 9th March, siwezi ingia 2022 na sina bibi na watoto, hatuwezi pata president mpya na mimi nikose bibi." Vowed Omondi

Watch the video below from his interview with Massawe Japanni;