The issue of MCA's demanding for car grants from the government in order to pass the BBI document in county assemblies, is very much worrying.

This happened last week when H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta hosted MCA's at Sagana state lodge to try and woo them into making sure they pass the BBI document.

A few MCA's were heard asking the president for car grants that will cost the tax payer, and by doing that they will go ahead and ensure the document passes.

That is why Kamene and Jalas had to ask; If these are the people we thought would fight for our nation, then who really cares for this nation?

"Who actually cares about this country because it’s definitely not our leaders?" Kamene asked.

The question sparked a heated debate and below are some of their responses;

Tyron Sweya: Our leaders are a let down

Joel Ngugi: The day we shall be able to vet the people we elect and not elect the money we shall have leaders not the people in power who do business with our lives.

Kyle Njuguna: Its better ata being led by someone mwenye hajasoma...we could be blaming their lack of education but now those in govt ni watu wako ma doctorate, masters, phd, degree but vichwa zao zimejaa uji

Bravo: No one cares. We even don't care We are worse coz we we do put this guys there to worse it.. Kenya mtu ako na maisha yake no one cares about the other one

The Obondo: Nobody cares about the state of our nation nowdays. It's so sad that as Kenya we are highly blessed with tumbocrat politicians and not leaders of reputable characters. Bora uhai

Kadilo Collins: our leaders all they care is their big bellies and their families, they can do anything to make sure their families stay good and outside the country leaving us with lots of debts to cover for them