John Legend is not one to post a lot of his emotions on social media but when it deep, he will share them.

And sadly,  today he shares his emotions as he mourns the death of a special lady in his life, his grandmother.

Taking to social media, he shared the sweet moments he shared with his grandmother, Marjorie. She even showed up for his first Grammys. Just to mention, they are such lookalikes

"My beautiful grandmother, Marjorie Maxine Stephens, left this world early this morning, just a few days after her 91st birthday. We are so grateful for the life she lived, for the love she shared with her many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond. She was the most caring and conscientious grandmother you could imagine. She still sent us all birthday cards with cash until her final days. She hosted our yearly Christmas celebrations until we literally couldn’t fit in her little pink house on Heard Avenue in Springfield, Ohio. She was active and full of curiosity and energy until her final days." John Legend shared

Adding that,

"She always had a story to tell and words of encouragement and love. She supported us and rooted for us unconditionally. I’m so glad she got to see the fruits of all she gave us. She got to travel the world with us, went to my first Grammys. She got to experience the successes of all her offspring. We are the family we are, the individuals we are because of the love she poured into us. We are sad to lose her but most of all so appreciative of the full, blessed life she lived. May she Rest In Peace after running a great race. 💗💗💗💗💗"

Our sincere condolences to John Legend and his family.