valentine's day photo courtesy of The Star
valentine's day photo courtesy of The Star

The month of love is here and today being the fourth day of the month it simply means we have ten days before we celebrate Valentine's day.

Lovers across the country have already started making arrangements ahead of that Valentine's weekend, with the D-day falling on a Sunday.

So Valentine's is coming where is your boyfriend?

So as per usual, every year the bright and talented men look for every reason not to splash all their money for just one day in the name of celebrating Valentine's day.

Luckily for us men, that is when the annual international men's conference takes place and since it will be taking place in Eldoret, it is fair to say we can celebrate Valentine's day can take place via zoom.

So ahead of February 14th, what are some of the popular excuses men will use?

Check them out;

excuses men will use on Valentines day
excuses men will use on Valentines day

1. Kyene: Mimi nishawahi ambiwa ako na exam hiyo siku woii

2. Njoki: Hiyo ni siku ya kanisa

3. Kemunto: Naenda mazishi

4. Mbugu: Shosho yake anamtaka haraka amshow her only last wish because siku zake za kufa zimefika

5. Diana Chemtai: Niko na class

6. V Queen: Niko kazi hio valentine's yet it's on a Sunday

7. Kedar: Niko na business trip we'll face time

8. Sunday ni sabath, hizo ni vitu za watoto

9. Mimi ndio na baby sit watoi