I am sure you have been seeing a  lot of pictures of Bien and Wahu on their respective social media pages.

Well, Wahu is back with a love song this time round - it is clearly February in case you needed a reminder - and she has featured Bien. 

Nah, he is not singing but he is the man representing Nameless. The words of the song say,


"Your love is too much for me and this love is making me wiser."

We know these are words to her husband - I mean they have been married for 15 years. In the video, Bien plays the role of her man who is a waiter in a restaurant she is performing at. In as much as he waits, he's also musically inclined with his guitar skills.

Something interesting that stood out was that their significant others, Nameless and Chiki were video vixens. Goals right? They work together as they build their empire. 

Taking to social media, Bien was so excited to have been featured by a legend in the game, Wahu.

"I've finally made it. I'm done singing guys. My vixen career has finally kicked off. Thank you @wahukagwi for giving me the opportunity. Link on @wahukagwi bio. @namelesskenya meza wembe."

Now we have a Valentine's Day song. Watch the video below: