Kamene and jalas
Kamene and jalas

For a few years now, you may have noticed that many women have 'Proverbs 31 woman' on their social media bios.

But what does Proverbs 31 really say?

It talks about the good wife in Israel.

According to wikipedia, It is a praise of the good wife, which defines a perfect wife or "ideal woman" in the nation of Israel, who is 'an industrious housewife, a shrewd businesswoman, an enterprising trader, a generous benefactor (verse 20) and a wise teacher (verse 26).

The book of Proverbs further states the perfect woman is clothed with strength and dignity. She speaks of wisdom and one who watches ver the affairs of her household.

In a nutshell it encourages the woman to be hardworking and one who takes care of her house.

This ignited a very interesting conversation and the presenters; Kamene and Jalas wanted to know whether their listeners are the ideal proverbs 31 women.

One caller said;

"I am a proverbs 31 woman from Nairobi. I do work, provide for myself and bring respect to my boyfriend."

Yes I am lakini wacha nikuambie I was a Proverbs 31 woman and I did everything, akiwa na idea ananiambia and I support him until he decided it is not you. Lesson learnt.

Wewe uwa prov 35 mimi niwe prov 31 for myself." Said another lady leaving the presenters in stitches.